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  • Personal Tax Returns

  • Small Business Tax Returns

  • Amendments

  • 990-EZ

What is needed:

  • State Identification, Drivers License or Passport for the tax customer​

  • Birth Certificates & S.S. Cards for everyone in the household

  • All W2 & 1099's  

  • Mortgage Interest Year End Statement, Child Care Statements, Charitable Statements, Bank Interest Statements (if applicable)

  • Your bank routing & account number for the tax customer (if applicable)

Additional information needed for Self-employed Individuals:

  • All 1099’s received plus any monies received not on a 1099

  • Bank Statements & if you have your personal and business deposits lumped together in one bank account, please provide a notepad/spreadsheet telling me which are business vs. personal deposits

  • List of all expenses with amounts either paid or charged … Any one item over $100 that will last over ONE year needs to be separated from this list as it has to be depreciated (i.e. computer, printer, etc.) … date and amount of purchase for each applicable depreciated item is required

  • Mileage records … logs, calendars, etc. (documentation required by IRS)

  • In-home Office - square footage of work area plus square footage of house along with amount of your annual house insurance, utilities, rent paid (if applicable)

    • Room must be exclusively and solely used as an office area

  • List of amounts paid to contract laborers including any 1099’s prepared by you

  • Interest amounts on business credit cards and vehicle(s) used in the business

  • Any other document in your possession that says “IMPORTANT TAX DOCUMENT” 

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